Morgan’s youngest son Sean opened the door. The postman left out some letters. With tears in her eyes, Morgan opened the letter. Finally, the court had decided in her favor. She got her kids back. Two weeks later, Paul went to jail. Justice had prevailed. Once Paul had served his sentence, he was gone. Then Morgan moved back to the cottage in Jacksonville. Her family had an old farm with horses. Morgan became the owner of an agency about missing people. While Morgan had published one local ad at the paper; soon she had received many requests from all over the county to locate their loved ones. She took away cold murder cases that the police had left behind. On the next day, suddenly throughout the midsummer storm, Morgan had opened the door. On her doorsteps, while soaking wet in the pouring rain; there was standing one stranger. He introduced himself as Steven Parker. Steven was desperate to find out his runaway daughter. Steven was a storm-chaser. While Morgan invited him to sit down on her kitchen table; she had listened carefully to his story. As the fall came around, one sunny afternoon Morgan had received a phone call from the police department in Las Vegas. They had found his missing daughter. On the next day, they went back to pick up his daughter from the airport in Atlanta. While Morgan had left them at the airport; then she drove all the way back home alone. As she was whistling on her favorite tune on the radio, Morgan had to quit smoking. Finally, her best friend Ben who was a retired ex-marine called her on her cell phone. Another murder had happened in Atlanta. At midnight, Morgan entered inside of her lobby. She was exhausted. While she took a hot shower, Morgan brew herself a pot with steaming hot American coffee. Then she opened her laptop. While reading the latest article about the murder case, she was shocked. Briefly, the author mentioned the name of the group that took responsibility of the gruesome murders, as the Katz. Those predators were looking out for their next victim online. Tonight, as Morgan was drinking her third coffee, she already knew that it was coming another sleepless night. On the next morning, Morgan opened the door. In front of her, there was standing with a bouquet of roses, Steven Parker carrying a large suitcase. Nevertheless, as he proposed to her, Morgan accepted right away. They got married on the next weekend. At the small chapel, as Morgan was whispering out her wedding vows quietly to Steven; she had found her safe heaven. The End