Nikki’s blog: Safe Heaven

No one on the phone once again. Tonight another call, unknown. Looking at the TV, Morgan had just hang up. While the reporter was announcing another deadly shooting at the Virginia’s High School, at the background there was a bomb explosion. The war in the Middle East took many victims. The Christians were celebrating Easter. Quickly, somehow the old civilization went down in ruins. Morgan had lit a cigarette into the darkness. So many monsters were hiding underneath her closet. Twenty minutes later, Morgan put down inside the terrarium some special food for her exotic pet Gecko. Since her last marriage ended, Morgan had nightmares. Nevertheless, Eliza Jane Morgan was still furious with her husband. Twelve years ago, Morgan became a freelance writer. Nowadays, she had a small publishing house in her hometown of Charlottetown. While she was growing up, Morgan was not a cheerleader; often she stayed inside studying for her exams. In springtime, suddenly Paul J. Ferguson entered into her office. He said “Hello”. Suddenly, he brushed her lips slowly for what had felt a thousand years. However, they had a relationship for several years. Soon after the end of their lavish wedding, Paul started with the affairs. Sometimes Paul went angry towards his wife. The paparazzi went after him everywhere. Therefore, Morgan decided that it was best for her family that they had to leave town. Then they moved back to the sunny beaches of California. Paul had a private jet. Sometimes he disappeared for months. He had never called. While they were staying inside their large mansion, the police came to their door almost every night. Also, Morgan had found out that Paul was broke. In the meantime, Morgan was pregnant with his third baby. Recently, as the court had decided in Paul’s favor; he got everything. He got to see her children only on the weekends. Soon Morgan paid for a private detective to follow him in town. Last night, while Morgan was looking up closely at the photos of her husband, cheating with her best friend inside of his black Jaguar, she was shocked. Her husband was guilty. Paul Ferguson was relentless. He was a criminal. Fighting the devil from her past, Morgan had simply lost it. Frantically, she had heard why Paul did it. He explained about his earlier affairs as well as planning her murder. Her husband had changed overnight. He was a murderer. One million questions, no answer. Once again, Morgan felt betrayed. Early on the next the morning, as the sunrise slide on the horizon, it was a new dawn. Morgan Ferguson left the room. The End