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In The Corner
Part I
Thomas Crowford was lost. He was getting tired from the long chase. Since the last two and a half years, he was constantly on the run. He had not seen his family in the last seven years and four months. During the last three hours, he spent turning in his bed. Unfortunately, he could not fall back to sleep. There were many distant memories just popping randomly in his mind. He lit one cigarette, as he could not sleep any longer. Lately he started to suffer from permanent insomnia. His nightmares from his past came back to haunt him. Before when he used to live with his mom, he lived an ordinary and quiet life. Then suddenly everything in his life had changed. He went through hard times coping not only with his brother’s disappearance but with his father’s illness as well. Right now, it was totally different. He was always on the run and he spent most of his time hiding underground. The Alliances or the Orange Army was constantly looking out for him. Thomas knew that he was innocent of all crimes but frankly, they did not care. In the last two and a half years, he was constantly looking behind his shoulder. He felt isolated and he was always scared that one day he would show up behind the Great Wall. Nobody came back from the Wall alive. So Thomas knew better. He had to stay out of trouble to find his younger brother. Then he could be freed of all charges and he could finally go home. The pain that suffered from the accident was totally bearable but not seeing his family and not having any news from them was excruciated. Unfortunately, he had no luck making friends lately. If there was someone else to help him with his escape plans, they would both get far better chance of survival. He met with many other mates while he was held in one of the correctional facilities The Blue Light. Nevertheless, nowadays everyone was simply too scared to disobey the orders and to try to escape from the Wall. If Tom could remember correctly during the months while he was held prisoner at the Blue Light, he had the right to make a phone call only once. When he finally made the call, his mom was not at home. His brother Jason picked up the receiver after the third ringing. Tom waited impatiently, for what felt like ages until his brother finally put the phone down. This was four years ago. Actually, this was the last time Tom had heard his voice. Then he wrote the date and the time on the wall in his cell. On the grey prison’s wall, Tom used to write down all the important dates next to his bed pillow. He wanted to remember them forever. Somehow, now they meant the world to him. The End